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Kesava Kumaran (Certified Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Correctional Rehabilitation Specialist)

With over 20 years of experiences in the correctional setting, I believe that everyone possesses the potential to change and excel in their lives. I have strong dedication and unwavering commitment to inspire, empower and enable my clients to fulfill their purpose in lives.

I have also initiated several community-based correctional rehabilitation and counselling programmes in the community. I build capabilities by providing training and coaching to correctional service professionals to ensure quality case management and counselling services.

My qualities that have served me well.

  • Dedicated and caring trainer and coach
  • Flexible and creative clinical specialist
  • Passionate helper who believes in empowerment and enabling lives
  • Visionary and believes in constant improvement

My Professional Accolades

My experiences and expertise
  • Qualification

Masters in Social Science (Counselling), University of Southern Australia, 2003

Diploma in Clinical Supervision, Counselling and Care Centre, 2006

Diploma in Training & Development Management, Singapore Institute for Management and Institute of Personnel and Development (London) 1997

  • Professional certificates and affiliation

Train-the-Trainer Cert in Motivational Interviewing, PCMC, NZ, 2011

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Lee Community College, 2008

Train-the-Trainer Certificate in Individual Crisis Intervention & Peer Support Training, ICISF, 2008

Reality Therapy Certificate, William Glazzer Institute, 2007

Certificate in Parent Education Leadership Training, Swinburne University of Technology, 1998.

  • His Passion
  • His Contribution
  • His Dedication
  • His Expertise
Kesava's passion has always been to champion and promote initiatives in offender correctional, rehabilitation and reintegration work. Aside from working with beneficiaries, he is dedicated to cultivating the professional capabilities of prison officers, correctional rehabilitation specialists and others interested in the field of offender treatment and reintegration.
Kesava has seen the industry developed and changed over the years. Starting his career as a senior social work assistant with the Ministry of Community Development, he was involved in various projects that transformed the industry. He (share project)
Kesava has dedicated his life to empowering the lives of offenders. Kesava has worked in the field of correctional rehabilitation for more than 20 yearin his career. He is well-versed with both the rehabilitation and reintegration needs, having served as the Head of Aftercare in the Singapore Aftercare Association (SACA), and the Chief Executive in Ashram Halfway House. He has since moved upstream to work with offenders within the Singapore Prison Service and has advocated for the development of transformative environments within the institutions to promote an environment conducive for rehabilitation.
Kesava is an experienced clinical supervisor, group work practitioner and therapist. Kesava is a certified clinical supervisor and has a wealth of experiences in psychotherapeutic interventions. He is an experienced counsellor who openly provides consultations and support to aspiring practitioners. He is trained in multiple techniques, approaches and disciplines, such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Family Therapy, Crisis Intervention and Reality Therapy. He is passionate about training and developing fellow practitioners to build a new generation of aspiring workers.

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