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Our Framework

Our framework helps you review and design employee experience strategies that can maximise the individual and team performance at each stage of the employee life cycle.

Your strategy becomes impactful when you introduce practices that help put employees in the high alignment zone.

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What is the Employee Life-Cycle Model?

The employee life-cycle model outlines the most important stages that an employee goes through as they engage with your company. There are 6 key stages. Our goal is to shape the processes that impact the employee life-cycle.

Aligning Personal Purpose with the Organisation’s Vision

People join you because they believe what you do is aligned with what they want. We help you uncover and align your organisation’s vision with your employee’s life purpose. Employees who believes in the purpose of the organisation and see the organisation as supporting their life purpose reports higher satisfaction in life and in work.

Getting Off on the Right Foot

We help companies kickstart the alignment right from the start of the employee life-cycle, the moment an employee joins your company. We incorporate strategies to shape experiences during the attracting, hiring and onboarding phases.

A Continuous Cycle of Engagement

When people are aligned right from the beginning, they start to find meaning in the things they do at work. We examine strategies that can continuously help your people be engaged, performing and growing with the company.

The True Power of Employee Relationships and Experience

Organisations that develop deep, meaningful relationships with its people build a long-lasting identity that are more effective in attracting, hiring and retaining people.

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