Terms and Conditions

Account Registration

In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation agenda, locally-based participants are encouraged to register for an account using Singpass and retrieve your data from MyInfo to control the sharing of your data securely and seamlessly.

Foreign participants residing in Singapore are encouraged to apply for a Singpass account to facilitate seamless digital transaction and for the ease of attendance-taking.

For registrations without a Singpass Account, please ensure that you use your full name as indicated in your passport or official ID documentation. Please note that you will not be able to edit your profile details after your account has been created.

Course Registration/ Funding

Course registration will close 5 calendar days before the programme commencement date or when the class is fully subscribed, whichever comes first.  

For participants eligible for training grant and subsidy, you are required to link your Singpass Account and retrieve your personal data via MyInfo to validate your eligibility for the applicable funding and have it automatically applied to your course application.  

Participants will need to meet the following requirements to be eligible for funding:

  1. Pass all associated course assessments
  2. Applicant must be a Singapore citizen, PR or LTVP+ holder

Digital Certificate/ Attendance

To receive the digital certificate participants/ companies will need to fulfil the payment of the course in full*

*In the case of partial or full payment using SkillsFuture credits (SFC) or PSEA, payment in full is fulfilled upon the successful receipt of the disbursement. SFC disbursement may take up to a month while PSEA disbursement may take up to 6 weeks from the application submission date, provided the application is approved.

  • Self-sponsored: Certificates will be issued starting from the 14th working day after course completion.
  • Company-sponsored: Certificates will be issued within 14 working days upon receipt of payment.

Participants need to attain a minimum 75% attendance in order to receive digital certificate BC and a Statement of Attainment from SSG.

Your digital certificates from Blended Concept will be sent to your registered email and the Statement of Attainment can be retrieved from your Skills Passport*. You can view your Skills Passport with your Singpass Account via the MySkillsFuture Portal to view and retrieve your digital certificates.

Digital certificates will be issued according to your registered name as indicated during your registration. There will not be any amendments made to the participant’s name (i.e. another version of the name not in accordance with the NRIC/ Passport). 

*Skills Passport is only available for Singaporeans or Singapore PR.  

Course Cancellation/ Postponement

BC reserves the right to cancel or postpone any programme due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event that a programme is cancelled or rescheduled and the fee has been paid, BC will refund the nett programme fee received.  

Substitution, Transfer and Cancellation Policies

The following policies and an administrative charge of S$100.00 will apply for each request of transfer or withdrawal made by participant. Waivers of administrative charges are subjected to approval and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on either compassionate or medical grounds. Please submit relevant documents (e.g medical certificate & etc.) to support your waiver requests.

  • Substitution for corporate classes

Request for substitution for corporate classes has to be made at least three days prior to course commencement. These requests will need to be submitted in writing via email with the relevant programme coordinator, and are subjected to approval by BC. 

  • Withdrawal

An admin charge of S$100.00 will be applied for each request for withdrawal from courses. 100% of the nett programme fees will be refunded.

  • Transfer

An admin charge of S$100.00 will be applied for each request for course transfer. 100% of the nett programme fees will be refunded.

Assessment and Re-assessment

To safeguard the integrity of the assessments and ensure that the assessment or re-assessment process is fair for all participants, the following policies will be enforced:

  • BC reserves the right to schedule the assessment for each module/ programme. Classes that meet at the same time during a particular period will have a common assessment time. Requests for changes to the assessment date or time will not be entertained, except on compassionate or medical grounds. Relevant proof or documents will need to be submitted to support such requests. 
  • Some assessments are graded by the respective instructors and may be reviewed by a programme committee before the results are released to the participants individually. The decision made by the programme committee is final and no request for re-marking or re-grading will be granted. 
  • Class exercises, assignments, summative and final assessment scripts will not be shared nor returned to participants. 
  • If a participant misses out or decides not to sit for the assessment, he/ she will be deemed to have failed the course and will not be issued the full certificate. If the course has a prerequisite, the participant will not be able to proceed with the subsequent modules.
  • In the event that a participant fails an assessment, only 1 retake is allowed. Retakes are chargeable at S$100.00 per assessment. Retakes are to be completed within 7 calendar days from the course end date. Should the participant fail the retake, the participant will be deemed to have failed the course. 
  • In the event a participant has failed the course, there will be no refunds.


BC reserves the right at any time to amend, modify or add new terms to our course policies, without giving prior notice. Such modifications or amendments will be effective immediately upon inclusion/publication on the Website.