Ultimate People Leadership Blueprint​

The one programme to power up your organisation’s people-leadership skills

Ultimate People Leadership Blueprint​

The Ultimate People Leadership Blueprint builds up catalyst leaders who inspire individual team members to transcend beyond their self interests. When team-focused individuals put the team’s goals above their own, those teams perform more effectively and much better.

People leaders shape organisational culture and employees’ experiences, impact talent attraction, retention, and ultimately, the company’s long term success.

Many workplace leaders are great strategic thinkers who know how to lead high performance teams. But few of them know how to lead highly fulfilled and motivated people; teams who don’t just work hard, but are able to work hard together.

The Ultimate People Leadership Blueprint focuses on these 5 domains of leadership to harness the power of people leadership in your organisation.

Supercharge Workshops

Exploring a power-packed lunchtime talk or hoping to get a taste of our programmes? Fret not. Here are X specially curated supercharged sessions just for you.
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Workshops for each domain of people leadership development

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Evoking genuine leadership

Construct your personal ultimate leadership blueprint


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Develop leadership resilience

Developing rock-solid resilience to overcome setbacks

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Unleash Magnetic Charisma

Emanate positive presence everywhere to move mountains, seas, and people


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Forge impactful relationships

Harness the power of psychological safety to build happy productive teams


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Scaling performance to new heights

Elevate employee experience by deciphering the well-being relationship dilemma

Custom-Tailored Programmes

Our full length programmes are designed to be self-reflexive and experiential, simplifying theoretical jargon into applicable skills. Through the programme, your leaders will experience compelling mindset shifts as they act out new ways of thinking and connect their experiences within the classroom to their lives.

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Sample Objectives for Tailored Programmes

Evoking Genuine Leadership

❏Uncover personal vision, mission and purpose as a leader

❏Develop leadership congruence by critically evaluating personal values and beliefs about leadership

And many more

Develop Leadership Resilience

❏Embody resilient and consistent leadership in stressful times

❏Develop mental fortitude to make constructive meaning and respond positively to the perpetual challenges in team dynamics

And many more

Simply let us know your preferred days of training and select from our curated list of objectives to design your own programme. It is that simple!

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Workshops for each domains of people leadership development

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