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Transforming practice work through innovative solutions.

We create practice tools and solutions so that you can do what you do best. Empowering lives.

We support tech and non-tech based innovations.

Our Innovation Services

We design fun and interactive products to make engagement with social beneficiaries more meaningful and interactive.

We offer design tech and non tech-based solutions to reduce labourious and mundane tasks so that practitioners can focus on what they do best


We design social programmes to close gaps within the communities.


We develop tech-based solutions to help streamline work processes and reduce red tape.


We design fun and interactive tools to support practice work.

Roles&Responsbilities® (RNR)

A therapy tool for family work
Roles & Responsibilities® (R&R) is a versatile tool designed to help raise awareness and facilitate conversations about patterns affecting family functioning. It can be used to facilitate a fun and engaging activity during family education workshops, or as a tool to enhance family functioning during therapy.
RNR is designed for practitioners or trainers working with families or couples.

RNR allows practitioners, group leaders or trainers to gain greater insights on the distribution of tasks and responsibilities within families through an intentional and fun family mapping exercise.

Using our conversational starter guide, open up meaningful conversations between family members and increase family resilience through the stressful situations roleplay cards!

Key Features

RNR is a versatile tool that can be used for different purposes based on its feature and design.

Explore the multiple modes of play, including balancing family tasks to resilience building to manage

RNR can be used with individuals, families or in groups.

Customisable play to meet different family or session objectives. Unleash your creativity when using the therapy tool.

RNR can be especially useful for new-entry practitioners working with family. Use the tool to plan and guide your conversations with families.

How it works

RNR has been piloted with social service agencies, practitioners, religious leaders, volunteers and family workers
Connect with us. Let us know what your needs are and how you think the RNR tool can support your work. We will arrange a date for more detailed sharing on the RNR tool.
We will come down to do a demonstration of the RNR tool for you. Gather your team or your fellow friends for a fun-filled session. We will introduce the multiple modes of play, and how you can use RNR in different settings, whether in therapy, in group sessions or as workshop activities.

Still interested? We will discuss with you the intended use of the cards. We can design scenarios that best reflect the needs of your clients. You can use these resources for workshops or large-group trainings, whatever purpose you dee fit.

We will pass you the cards and the resources to support your work with your clients. We will collect feedback to support you better in the implementation of the RNR tool.

What Practitioners Think About The Tool

We piloted the cards with different groups of people. Here is what they think.

Contact us for a demo on the RNR tool.

Or reach out to us if you have any problems you hope to solve creatively!