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Ideas Generation and Selection

Ideas Generation and Selection

Can I better guide my team to generate ideas to solve workplace problems? Can I get them to innovate and improve the way things are done? Learn the skills to guide your team to generate ideas to resolve or improve workplace challenges.


This course is organised by Environiche LLP, an approved training organisation under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ).

UEN T12LL1245D


We are a social enterprise registered with raiSE Singapore and courses listed are WSQ accredited

We offer courses under the Social Service Skills Framework and the Skills Framework for Retail. Our courses are SFC-eligible.

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Course Description

Idea generation and selection is at the core of change in every organisation. How do we go about selecting the best ideas to address gaps and drive effective change? 

This experiential course will teach learners how to generate, select and communicate ideas through a systematic process. Transfer and apply these skills in your workplace to response to real-world issues. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  •  Facilitate brainstorming and ideas generation teams
  • Substantiate or challenge individuals’ viewpoints using a logical approach
  • Integrate differing views and ideas
  • Select appropriate approaches to communicate ideas in an effective manner
  • Evaluate new methods, procedures or systems related to idea selection


22.75 hours blended-learning including face-to-face learning, online learning and assessment

Upcoming Schedule

Course Fees and Subsidies

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $103.50

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $693.75

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $103.50

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $693.75

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $103.50

Full fee: $1,035.00

Course support period: 15 October 2020 – 14 October 2022


“This course is approved under the UTAP for NTUC members. NTUC members may enjoy up to 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year when you sign up for courses supported under UTAP.”

For more information on claims criteria and processes, you may visit NTUC website here

Course approved period: July 2020 – December 2022

Other Course Information

Target Audience

General public with an interest to develop skills to lead teams to generate, evaluate and select ideas to better contribute to their organisation goals.


Learners who have successfully completed and passed the assessment will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) in Ideas Generation and Selection issued by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). 

Language of Instruction

This course is conducted in English 

Course Outline


Building the foundation

Learn the importance of ideas generation and selection to support innovation in business and organisations.


Building skills for actions

Learn the different techniques to encourage responses when communicating with different parties. Learners will plan and select the appropriate brainstorming techniques based on the issue at hand.


Communicate ideas and plans

Learn the knowledge and skills to communicate and justify the final ideas to stakeholders.


Continuous improvision

Practice the skills of generating ideas using real-world issues. Evaluate and communicate ideas in class, and gain feedback from trainers and peers to improve on ideas selected.

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