Ultimate People Leadership Blueprint​

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Striving for Excellence in Employee Wellness

Mental well-being directly affects how employees feel about their work and their organisation. It also predicts job attitude and performance. Satisfied and happy employees are more likely to trust their supervisors, comply with organisation rules and actively contribute to the improvement of the organisation.

Organisations with strong employee wellbeing experience benefits both at the individual and organisational level

  • Reduced employee stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Positive workplace culture
  • Fewer sick leave
  • Reduced injuries at work
  • More satisfied employees
  • Enhanced recruitment and retention

We help your organisation develop impactful wellness programmes

With mental wellness in the workplace playing an influential role in the overall success of businesses, establishing an employee wellness program may be a critical step to support your workers’ emotional and mental well-being. If you are wondering how to create an employee wellness program, understand that for a program to be truly effective, it must be supported with education and awareness, clear policies, and easy access to employee mental health resources.

We help your organisation develop impactful wellness programmes

  • Conducting organisation health and risk surveys
  • Conducting employee needs assessment
  • Setting up employee assistance programmes
  • Training of leaders at all levels in essential interpersonal interactions to support employees
  • Creating systems that help employees feel valued, respected, and fairly treated
  • Conduct employee wellness activities
  • Employee psycho-education on mental health and wellness

We offer psychological, counselling or para-counselling services to organisations. Our pool of psychologists and counsellors have experience working with corporate clients and mental health issues. We also offer supervision to support your in-house mental wellness ambassadors who are directly supporting your people.

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Ultimate People Leadership Blueprint

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