Coaching Young People for Positive Difference

The youth of today don’t like to be TOLD. They want to be COACHED. Learn how coaching can draw out the potential in youth. 


Course Description

Sometimes, young people can feel like they are stuck on a never- ending rollercoaster. The expectation they have for themselves, the pressure to fit in, navigating changes, planning for the future, can make it hard for them to cope. 

You might be an employer having young staff in their 20s, or parents with children in their teenage years. What would you do to bring young people over the hump? 

Welcome to youth coaching, an essential skill that can help young people develop life skills and learn how to manage that come along the way. Using the science of positive psychology and solution-focused coaching approach, you can help them increase their thinking skills and self-awareness to realise what they perceive success to be, and what makes them successful, and how they can be resilient in challenging situations. 

Course Outline


The Coaching Mindset

What is coaching? When working with young people, what mindset should a coach have, according to the International Coaching Federation (ICF)?

You will learn distinguish the differences between coaching, counselling, mentoring and teaching. 


Unboxing Youths Today

How do you kickstart the process of understand young people today?

You will learn how to apply the OSKAR framework to engage youths and facilitate clarity in them.  


Supplementing the knowledge

Deepen understanding of youths' issues. Learners will examine youth developmental theories in relations to youth culture and issues. Learners will learn the theories and principles and apply them to the coaching framework. 


Becoming the change agent

Learners will learn the skills to manage youths' engagement and facilitate change. Learners will explore the skills to build supportive environments to help youths explore change and to monitor youths' development

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the role of coaching for young people development and performance
  • Establish trust and build coaching relationships
  • Apply psychosocial principles and practices to understand the inner world of youths today
  • Apply coaching techniques to help young people understand and clarify their views, learn how to reach self-determined goals, and resolve emotional or interpersonal problems


20.5 hours, 16 hours online face-to-face, 4 hours self-directed e-learning, 0.5 hour assessment 


Upcoming Schedule



April 2024 (Weekend)

20 , 21 Apr 2024 (9am - 6pm) - Zoom

May 2024 (Weekend)

24, 26 May 2024 (9am - 6pm) - Face-toFace

Jun 2024 (Weekend)

8, 9 Jun 2024 (9am - 6pm) - Zoom

Jul 2024 (Weekday)

8, 9 Jul 2024 (9am-6pm) - Zoom

Aug 2024 (Weekday)

19, 20 Aug 2024 (9am-6pm) - Zoom

Sep 2024 (Weekday)

5, 6 Sep 2024 (9am-6pm) - Face-to-Face

Other Course Information

Target Audience

Educators, parents, volunteers, practitioners, or existing sport coaches who works with youths or have a strong passion to apply coaching to help youths overcome barriers, build resilience, and succeed in life. 


Learners who have successfully completed and passed the assessment will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) in Service Coaching (TGS-2020512834) issued by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). 

Language of Instruction

This is an experiential programme. Learners will be expected to engage in roleplay activities to practice and hone their coaching skills when engaging youths. 


Course Fees and Subsidies

Course support period: 01 October 2020 – 30 September 2024

Employer-sponsored (SME)

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $216.00

Employer-sponsored (non-SME, Age<40 yr old)

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $360.00

Employer-sponsored (non-SME, Age>40 yr old)

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $216.00

Self-sponsored (Age<40 yr old)

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $360.00

Self-sponsored (Age>40 yr old)

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $216.00


Full fee: $720.00

For Self-sponsored individuals not applying on SkillsFuture Credit, instalment payments are available via Atome and Grab Paylater. Please contact our administrator during sign-up.


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