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Building Family Resilience in Moments of Crisis

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In moments of crisis, a family’s ability to function effectively is likely to be impacted negatively. . Perhaps if we give as much priority to perfecting family resilience as much as we do to other segments of our lives, we can strengthen our family’s ability to tide through difficult and challenging times.

Family resilience is the ability of a family to continue functioning effectively following the occurrence of traumatic events. This includes caring for the family members and completing daily tasks and responsibilities.

Family resilience depends largely on adaptation. Over time, without strengthening family resilience, the first traumatic experiences may set off a cascade of difficulties and stressors. And if we aren’t resilient by then, it wouldn’t be long before the tide sweeps us away.

In this article, we will discuss ways of building family resilience in moments of crisis. Keep reading below! 

Family Resilience – What it is

As mentioned above, adaptation is the key feature of family resilience. It enables a family to maintain regular function without shutting down when disasters and other problems strike. Families have to suffer countless inevitable traumatic stressors, such as:

  • Loss of family income through an accident, business loss, etc.
  • Major disruptions in everyday living resulting from natural and other disasters


Sometimes, family resilience helps families bounce back to their previous lives before the traumatic situation materialised. At other times, family resilience will empower families to move forward, pick up the shattered pieces and build a stronger future. It enables them to adapt to changing circumstances
without affecting their domestic operations.

The fact is that family resilience varies in every case due to numerous factors. These include:


  • Challenges resulting from existing stressors      
  • The challenges from pre-existing stress and other daily hassles
  • The availability of resources



  • The coping skills of the family

Resources available outside the family system, such as in the community

When stressful events occur, they present various challenges when the following happens:

Changing family memberships

Changes in care requirements of the family members, especially if there are special needs individuals

Stage of development of different family members


Various factors influence a family’s resilience, including cultural and community texts. There are also community-wide stressors to consider, such as community violence or poverty and such problems, which could add to the stress. 


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