Motivational Interviewing

A collaborative conversation style to strengthen one’s personal motivation and resolve for change. 

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Course Description

You may have heard your loved ones or clients say “I know I need to change la, because… but then…”. Sometimes they may even seem to be stuck in their problems, repeating the same old “excuses” and “buts” despite you having already told them the solution.

Ironically, the more we try to persuade or confront someone, the more resistance happens. It’s like fighting a wrestling match that ultimately leaves both parties feeling tired, hurt and frustrated. 

So, how do we effectively facilitate change within someone and empower them to take positive action without entering into a deadlock? How do we navigate this constant “flip-flopping” between changing versus sustaining their behaviours?

Here’s where  Motivational Interviewing (MI) comes in. The MI approach teaches you how to explore and strengthen a person’s own reasons for change, while also demonstrating an appreciation of the challenges they face. It is a collaborative conversation style, much like a dance rather than a wrestling match. By adopting the MI approach, you can build supportive relationships with your loved ones/clients and evoke their intrinsic motivations for long lasting change.

Learning Outcomes

In the course of the 2.5 days workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop empathic conversations with clients 

  • Demonstrate tactfulness when handling resistance

  • Elicit change talk to move clients towards change

  • Develop client’s confidence following through their goals and action plans


19 hours Zoom learning, 4 hours self-directed e-learning, 1 hour assessment

Upcoming Schedule

Course Fees and Subsidies

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $240.00

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $400.00

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $240.00

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $400.00

Nett Fee after training grant subsidy: $240.00

Full fee: $800

Course support period: 16 May 2022 – 15 May 2024


Other Course Information

Target Audience

Professionals working to affect changes in others (healthcare professionals, teachers, security officers, HR personnel, social service professionals)

Individuals who wish to acquire skills to help others uncover personal reasons for change and to take actions to improve their situations.



Learners who have successfully completed and passed the assessment will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) issued by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). 

Language of Instruction

This course is conducted in English 

This course is organised in collaboration with Environiche LLP, an approved training organisation under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ).

UEN T12LL1245D


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