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Keep Learning & Growing

We design experiential training for purposeful learning to support your personal and professional advancement.

Our courses are WSQ accredited

We offer courses under the Social Service Skills Framework and the Skills Framework for Retail. Our courses are WSQ approved and funded.
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Our courses

Maintain professional and ethical standards through purposeful and actionable learning

Learning is about investing in knowledge to uncover one’s potential and produce value in life.

We adopt a whole-person centered approach towards learning at Blended Concept.

We design purposeful learning experiences to meet the learning needs of different individuals.

Our activities reflect the actuality of life. We make content applicable to real-world scenarios.

We strive to make learning a fun, interactive and engaging experience.

Why learn with Blended Concept

Interactive and Engaging Hands-on

Our courses involved a wide-range of fun and engaging learning activities. You can expect case discussions, role-plays, games, group consultations and many more.


We put you through simulation and role-play exercises. We develop you as a professional by giving you personalised feedback.

Practical Applications

We help you learn practical skills and receive tools that you can apply at work. We base our learning on situations in real-world setting.

Structured Curriculum

We sequence and organise our curriculum based on evidence-informed instructional methodologies. We focus on transforming experiences through the experiential process.

Developed by Industry experts

We put you through simulation and role-play exercises. We develop you as a professional by giving you personalised feedback.


We ease learning by designing curriculum in bite-size modules. We help learners gain new skills and knowledge by setting clear objectives and learning outcomes at every stage of the learning process.

Invest in others when you invest in yourself

We reinvest part of the income from your learning to develop simple and comprehensible free resources. We help individuals make decisions for better outcomes in lives through these resources.

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Resources Developed

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Amount Committed

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