Para-counselling (Basic & Advance)

When your loved ones need support, are you ready to step up to the task? How can you apply helping skills to provide support to those around you?  Not sure if the social service sector is something for you? 

Take this course to learn useful fundamental people-engagement skills. If you are keen, take on the practicum to find out what it may be like working in the social service sector, before taking up a professional qualification. 

We are a social enterprise registered with raiSE Singapore and courses listed are WSQ accredited

We offer courses under the Social Service Skills Framework and the Skills Framework for Retail. Our courses are SFC-eligible.

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Course Description

At some point in our lives, we must have experienced that sense of helplessness at not knowing what to say when we see our loved ones struggling emotionally. Join us for our Para-Counselling Certificate training programme to acquire useful helping skills that can be applicable to your personal or professional life.

Take your first step to be a resource and change agent for people around you. 

Course Structure

The Para-Counselling training consists of 2 parts. 

The Para-Counselling (Basic) equips learners with essential micro-counselling skills for emphatic interactions. This course is WSQ accredited and SFC eligible. 

The Para-Counselling (Advance) equips learners with counselling techniques to move clients towards purposeful and outcomes-oriented conversations. This course is WSQ accredited and SFC eligible. 

Learning Outcomes

Learners who have completed all 2 parts of the programme will be able to:

i. Apply counselling micro skills to build working alliance with clients through empathic interactions

  • apply appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • demonstrate the use of open questions, affirmations, reflections, and summary when attending to clients

ii. Apply appropriate para-counselling approaches and techniques to support clients towards outcomes based on care plans

  • apply probing techniques to uncover clients’ stories
  • assess underlying factors sustaining client’s issues
  • demonstrate the application of a range of counselling techniques when engaging clients

iii. Exemplify professional ethics and values when engaging clients to uphold service quality and ethical standards

  • maintain client confidentiality and privacy
  • explain the relevance of professional values and ethics in client engagement
  • demonstrate self-awareness relating to possible issues of ethical dilemmas
  • seek help and support when faced with ethical issues and dilemmas


Para-Counselling (Basic)

$560 before subsidies (learn more)

Para-Counselling (Advance)

$720 before subsidies (learn more)


Para-Counselling (Basic)

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Para-Counselling (Advance)

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Other Course Information

Target Audience

General public who wants to learn more about para-counselling

General public with an interest to explore what it is like working in the social service sector


Para-Counselling (Basic) - SOA & In-house Certificate

Para-Counselling (Advance) - SOA & In-house Certificate

Language of Instruction

This course is conducted in English 

This course is organised by Environiche LLP, an approved training organisation under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ).

UEN T12LL1245D


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